Fashion Arena Outlet Center is the largest outlet in Prague, a favorite not only Czechs and foreign buyers. The Fashion Arena Outlet Center enables you to buy original products from well-known and proven brands, always with 30–70% discounts; prices that are 30% lower than the original prices of the products are guaranteed. The stores also prepare a number of other, even more favourable
offers. 100 popular brand outlet stores offer a wide range of fashion, sports equipment, footwear, leather goods, luggage and accessories, lingerie, jewellery, cosmetics, and toys at the best prices.
Generally, one in two Czechs aged 15 to 65 and every third tourist necessarily come to this outlet to make a purchase.

Outlet centres offer quality goods by the world’s best known brands with full guarantee and low prices throughout the whole year.This is perhaps the main reasons why it makes sense to go to the suburbs, to Prague-10, where the outlet.

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