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  • Baniyas Sq., Nasr Sq.

    China, Dubai, 0.00 km, 1 dots

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    Author: TBW_team
    December 27, 2012

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Baniyas Sq. and Nasr Sq. are two areas united into one. This is sort of center, giving birth to guidelines for residents and tourists. Walking through the narrow streets, lined with tiles, you can find the main
shops of Dubai. Al-Maktoum Hospital Road is a paradise for motoring fans. Here are authorized and private shops where you can buy spare parts for cars of any level and class.

Look back and, finally, all the beauty before us. Deira Tower is the main shopping center in BANIYAS SQ. Feel the scale of the building from the distance.

In fact, BANIYAS SQ attracts a lot of Russian tourists by Russian-speaking traders, as well as   cheap local hotels, the proximity to the city center and established relationships with vendors.


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