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  • Central Market Tbilisi

    Georgia, Tbilisi, 3.25 km, 2 dots

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    Author: TBW_team
    March 11, 2013

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  • Tbilisi Railway Station

  • Dezertirsky market

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Dezertir or Central City market bustle. Not surprisingly, given its size and proximity to the train station. You can get caught by a pickpocket, and you can buy delicious homemade cheeses varying salinity, fresh tkemali or thlapi. Talk and bargain with traders, it seems, possible in any language of the world, from the Armenian or Russian to English.

The unusual name "Dezertirsky market" appeared during the war, when the soldiers were selling their uniforms, weapons, even, stolen goods though.

Since your wallet is the goal for local thieves, visiting this city market is only recommended for experienced and attentive customers. There are a lot of beggars as well. Buy something you can safely rather very early morning, when the traders are set to go home, and the speculators have not yet taken their places. However, going to the market in the middle of the day is dangerous and difficult.

According to locals, at the market prices are getting lower in the evening. But remember that it is in the evening unsold goods remain, so the quality can be significantly worse.


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