Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement" or "Terms") govern the use of online resources by individuals or firms. The resources are owned by the administration by the right of ownership and establish objectives and usage restrictions of these online resources.

By clicking on the "Accept" button (ticked "Agree") you signify your agreement to the Rules stated below without exceptions and limitations, and to be responsible for the Rules of the current legislation responsibility.

1. Terms

1.1. Agreement («Rules») - the document that governs the rules of behavior, interaction, registration and other options and provides strict compliance.

1.2. The Administrator is the person exercising authority on control over the employees' behavior, and providing the site normal functioning.

1.3. Administration – group of individuals who posses set of powers in order to run the web resource (website), create or remove accounts.

1.4.Moderator - authorized by the administration person to monitor the Internet content resources (website).

1.5. User - an individual who registered in the prescribed manner to online resources (website) and conduct activities regulated by this policy and applicable law.

1.6. Valid data (reliable information, reliable data) - information provided by the user to administration for access to the site (online resource)

1.7. Website (the Internet Resource) a page located in the Internet at the address and also all the components (subdomains) and sites affiliated with the main administration's online resources.

2. Consumers' Rights Protection

2.1. Agreeing with the Rules the user confirms commercial website use only.

2.2. On the website the Law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 On Consumers' Rights Protection is not covered to the users and sharing resources.

User is notified of all consequences of not extending the Russian Federation Law from 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 On Consumers' Rights Protection promptly and fully.

3. Registration

3.1. The Registration is filling the forms developed by administration.

3.2. False form filling entails a full or partial suspension of the account and account deletion.

3.3. The administration reserves its right to check reliability of all data entered by the user, and also any other information placed on the site with no noticeto user.

3.4. Multiple registrations on the site aren't allowed.

3.5. In case of identification of multiple registrations, the administration reserves its right to block every related account.

4. Requirements for materials

4.1. Materials posted on the website must comply with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, the moral and ethical principles of the site.

4.2. The materials must not offend the religious feelings, should not contain ethnic, political insults

4.3. Materials should not contain defamatory and / or offensive content; violate a trade secret, standards of the federal legislation on protection of personal information.

4.4. The materials must not contain pornography and violence

4.5. Materials must comply with the full RF legislation on copyright and related rights (ch.IV Civil Code)

4.6. The materials must not contain manipulative properties and affect both mental and physical health

4.7. The materials must not contain viruses, links to viruses, malicious scripts, exploits and other codes that may harm the structural integrity of the information and the site.

4.8. The materials must not contain advertising (product placement) of goods, products, services

4.9. Any material recognized as improper content by administration is blocked and removed.

4.10. The Administration reserves the right to monitor and block the user and delete the content without explanation actions performed

4.11. If there is a material evidence to indicate a violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the site is entitled to transfer all the information about the user (including the history of actions - logs) to relevant authorities

5. Advertising

5.1. Promotional materials are available on this site on a paid basis and are placed in consultation with the administration only.

5.2. All advertising must be in compliance with the standards of the federal legislation on Advertising and this Regulation.

5.3. In case of violation of the site rules in advertisement, promotional materials are blocked and / or deleted by the administrator.

5.4. In the case of violation indication of the Russian Federation current legislation in promotional materials, the site is entitled to transfer all the information about the user (including the history of actions - logs) to relevant authorities.

6. Interaction & Culture

6.1. Interaction on the site is exclusively for polite and cultural basis.

6.2. All correspondence between the administration and the users are in Russian.

6.3. Do not use profanity.

6.4. It is forbidden to write messages, interfering normal visional perception for other users and / or administration.

6.5. Administration removes any messages that violate the Terms without notice

7. Administration responsibility

7.1. The administration is only liable within the law of the country on site placement.

7.2. The administration is responsible in the absence of force majeure

7.3. Administration is not responsible for the content of user materials

7.4. Administration is not responsible for the illegal actions of users of the site in relation to third parties who are not users of the site, as well as to other users.

8. Confidentiality regime

8.1 Any information user provide to the site during registration, and also at the appeal to administration on different bases is processed in strict accordance with the Federal law of the Russian Federation from July 27, 2006 of N 152-FZ On Personal Information.

8.2. Data of users aren't subject to disclosure except for the cases provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. The User Responsibility

9.1. All responsibility for the placement of materials on this site, as well as on other sites affiliated with this site, lies within the user.

9.2. By posting information on this site, as well as on sites affiliated with this site, the user acknowledges that:
9.2.1. He owns that information lawfully

9.2.2. This information does not violate the applicable laws of the country-site placement

9.2.3. This information does not violate the Rules

9.3. Responsibility for the consequences of violations of law and / or liabilities to third parties, as well as obligations to third parties, non-residents, as well as responsibility for the violation of international law, lies within the user.

9.4. In case of placing by the user false information while registering, the administration has the right to cancel (block) user account, followed by removal.

10. The right of placement

10.1. The standards of the legislation are applied to the site users, according to country placement legislation

10.2. In the case of foreign nationals participation in legal relationships involved in an activity of the site, it is the law of the deployment country of the Internet resource applies to them

10.3. Norms of the Russian right are by default applied.

10.4. The user nonresident undertakes to fulfill requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and also to bear responsibility for the actions in full accordance with standards of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

10.5. In case of giving by citizen false information about the country of their actual location (nationality), the site administration fully releases any responsibility for any illegal acts of the citizen due to the false information provided by the user during registration

11. Using the site

11.1. The whole site, including all of the objects on this sit, is the property of the Administration

11.2. User agrees not to violate the integrity of the structure of the site, do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the accounts of other users and administrators

11.3. User agrees to consider the legal website information and all related resources site.

11.4. User agrees not to generate codes, instructions, requests in order to obtain unauthorized access to the resources.

11.5. All attempts of illegal behavior on the resource users are fixed are revealed, for them to collect the necessary statistical information, and then information is passed to the appropriate authorities for action to users who violate these rules, and the rules applicable laws.

12. Calculations with the user

12.1. All calculations are carried out with the site users in the local currency and it also by default in rubles.

12.2. Administration has the right to introduce currency (USD or otherwise) for internal calculations.

12.3. The exchange rate is set at the discretion and may be revised at any time to provide relevant information on the site in the appropriate section and / or on the main page.

12.4. In the case of administrative sanctions to the user the user's deposit money in any currency is not returned.

12.5. Making any financial transactions online, the user unconditionally accepts the terms of these Rules.

13. The taxes

13.1. The user takes on the tax payments from the profit.

13.2. On the basis of paragraph 5 of article 226 of the Tax Code in case of impossibility to withhold calculated tax amount. Tax agent shall not later than one month from the end of the tax period in which any relevant circumstances had taken place, write to the taxpayer and the tax authority at the place of registration of the impossibility to keep the personal income tax and the tax. The administration reserves the right to report to tax authorities in the manner and on the grounds provided in section 5 st.226 Tax Code.

14. The rules

14.1. The Rules have been developed by to administration service of legal support and are the absolute property of the administration.

14.2. Any unauthorized use of the text of the Regulation on any other online resources implies the involvement of those responsible for civil, administrative and criminal liability.

14.3. Rules can be changed unilaterally by the administration at any time, without notice.

14.4. To review the Rules, the user at any time can read the Rules on the website at: