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Trieste is a city with an incredible, unique atmosphere boasting an illustrious history. Although Trieste was the city loved by Joyce and other artists; occupied by the German army, influenced by Austrian culture, and even was considered the capital of the Austrian Riviera, the city now seems peaceful somehow.

Триест, Италия, Триесте, шопинг в Триесте

Quiet seaside town pleases tourists by numerous walking streets and fresh air. Nearby Unification of Italy Square down the Grand Canal are luxury fountains, pompous buildings, and expensive shops. A view from the Square of the sea is one of the finest in Europe.

In spite of its uniqueness among other Italian cities, Trieste offers a truly Italian shopping. The main shops are located on the Corso Italia Street.

Given the proximity of Venice, Trieste is not particularly touristic place, so visitors are able to enjoy a relaxed shopping and peaceful holiday.

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