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Created in the intersection of trade routes many ages ago, the ancient city Baku for many years experiencing wars, reconstructions, and new conflicts and being rebuilt again, today is a modern center with its people whose skills are practically laid traders. History puts a special mark: shopping in Baku should be open-hearted like a game of "cat and mouse" and a conversation with the seller, like a tiny war in which everyone has an equal chance to stay a winner.

Trading markets, shops and malls open around 9:00 am in the morning. Shopping centers as Af Mall, Nargiz or Park Bulvar boast cool rooms, courteous sellers and European atmosphere.

Want to experience the real local color?  Eastern market is the best choice for you. Range of goods, including clothing and kitchen utensils and equipment, is extremely diverse for a low can be reduced further.

Baku is rich in fruit and vegetable markets, congested from a variety of flavors. However, due to hot climate, buying a product rely on both the date of manufacture and sense of smell.

Built under a glass dome Souvenir Sharq, market allows the natural light reflecting hundreds of sunbeams. The best of them is found in the ancient side, the historical center.

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