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Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has four official languages: Malay, Tamil, English and Chinese. Due to rich world of nature, tropical climate, friendly residents, developed tourist infrastructure the city is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

The big Singapore advantage is that the city-state has got to offer more products than Bangkok, and the price is lower than in any European capital. In fact, locals get deeply involved in shopping. Singaporeans revere brands, fill numerous shopping centers over the weekends, walking around the spacious malls, past through shop windows and enjoying the fresh conditioned air.

Due to opening hours seven days a week from 13:00 to 22:00 the pleasure of shopping in Singapore is endless.

The citys must-visit Takashimaya and Paragon shopping centers are located on Orchard Road. In fact, it may take up to three days to fully explore these stores, but the belief that everyone would find something for themselves is absolute. However, a common disadvantage of the stores in Singapore is that it is difficult to find clothes large sizes.

If you want to buy electronics, the first store to visit is a huge FUNAN. The store is popular among locals and tourists thanks to high-quality electronics, relatively low prices and high level of customer service.

Sim Lim Square stands out for low prices and high quality. But for a Europeans in this area is quite dangerous as they could probably find themselves cheated, but an Asian will be welcomed with open arms.

Planning your own personal shopping route, do not forget that walking on tiny numerous streets it is easy to get lost.

When you receive a tax free in Singapore up to 7% of the purchase price can be returned. VAT refund can be issued at an airport; you can get the money in cash or by transfer to your bank card.

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