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As the wall was demolished and a thing of the past, Berlin now is gradually turning into unite contemporary center of the whole county, famous for its diversity, popular clubs, distinguished galleries, great restaurants and is favorite shoppers place for low prices. Being metropolis and a major country city, it attracts more and more tourists, new shopping centers are growing, tiny boutiques and private shops are opening.

Regardless the low prices on the dishes, stationery, camping and field-equipment, the tax on sparkling wines, spirits and tobacco products is higher than in the other Eurozone countries.

Shops are open Monday – Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and to 10 pm before Christmas time, however, shopping on Sunday is meaningless as shops and grocery stores are closed.

Summer sales take place from last Monday of July and winter sales from last Monday of January and last for two weeks. Do not forget about tax-free as VAT in Germany is 19% and the tax returns only on purchases of more than 25 euros.

The main shopping street in the western part of Berlin is Kurfürstendamm with large grocery stores, and fashionable shopping centers, as well as the legendary Berlin store KaDaWe. Here and boutique H & M and Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and MaxMara and Prada to Louis Vuitton and many others. In the east of the city ball ruled Friedrichstraße (Friedrichstrasse), where there are boutiques such as Hermes, Hugo Boss, Escada, and car showrooms Bentley, Ferrari, Audi. It should be noted that the automotive industry - the pride of Germany.

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