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Greece is not a world’s fashion capital, but Athens is often mistaken for boring shopping city. Otherwise, it is as wrong as to consider that there is no Acropolis in Athens.

Due to fur coats, clothing, shoes, books and even furniture shopping in Greece has a wide range of things and lots of hand made. The second great advantage is the price - very low.

Whichever way you would set off, you will still come out on Ermou Street or Hermes Street; branded stores, small shops, and antique shops are concentrated on one of the main arteries of the city named after the patron saint of the Olympic trade, more popular now among tourists, than Athenian ladies.

Planning the shopping route, choose a street or shopping center, but the main areas of Plaka, Kolonaki and Psiri are all nearby and you can combine them as well.

The easiest way you move around Athens is to use the subway by purchasing one or seven day tickets. Otherwise, it makes sense to take a taxi - in Athens is not expensive. Most of the shops on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday close at 2:30 pm, large galleries and shopping centers at 9:00 pm.

Get a taste of Greece and visit a supermarket where about 90% of all products are local. Do not be afraid of local wines sold under the brands of supermarkets.

Winter sales starts from 15 January to 28 February, whereas for summer sales wait till 15 July - 31 August.

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