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Barcelona is a dream city where people live in the gingerbread houses, fountains fill with milk in the moonlight and Gaudi houses come to life.

In the morning, the influence of these things still lay upon the Spaniards who are in no hurry to get back to work, bewildering tourists by strange store hours and even government institutions schedule. As for Sunday and Monday, it is best not even to try to arrange any working meetings or shopping - uselessly.

Forget about those little things of work schedule and go outside for shopping. In Barcelona, a lot of avant-garde fashion designers keep their shops offering affordable prices for designer clothes. Look for them in the Upper Raval, around Boulevard Borne and the Gothic quarter. Eixample area has got to offer more popular fashion brands; the prices there will also be higher.

Best discounts in Barcelona held in July and August when Avenida Diagonal - with the largest shopping centers El Corte Ingles, LIlla- is filled by tourists.

Don’t fancy wanting for next discount season? Take a trip to Rambla pedestrian areas, the Gothic Quarter and the Spanish village where you can purchase excellent shoes or clothes for 10 Euros.

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