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Ibiza is considered a legendary tourist island in the Mediterranean sea, especially among youngsters. However, people come here not only for nightlife, but also the nature, ancient architecture, and of course, shopping.

Every day here like a carnival. You can wear anything you want, fool around, make people laugh, experiment and make incredible fashion discoveries. Surprisingly, the Catalan province still considered extremely stylish place.

Central area of the La Marina Island is completely built up by boutiques and showrooms. However, many prices for Galliano, Gaultier, McQueen, Armand Basi, Helmut Lang, Plein Sud, Emanuel Ungaro, Mujda, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Armani, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, Polo, DKNY, Versace, Furla, Cerruti items suddenly seem acceptable.

Whatever you choose, remember that to be the king of the island, follow the island 60s Ad Lib style – wear whatever you want, but do it with style. Although originally it meant free pastel clothing, today these limits are removed.

Notably, the fashion is so penetrated into all kinds of Ibiza life that there are even clothing stores in night clubs, where you can rent something.

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