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The Dutch capital boasts a special atmosphere and the spirit of times due to the fact that the world-famous artists, architects and designers began their way here. Besides, Dutch people are famous for their open-mindedness and - apart from most of Europe the rest of the world - they have legal drugs and prostitution, making it the city of joy and freedom.

Let’s start from the very beginning of the Leidsestraat Street, with overlook beautiful views of the seven streets, which lead us to the central area of ​​the royal palace - Dam. On our way we can find a lot of stores, but the shopping rush is not necessary - the main shopping street Kalverstraat yet to come, significantly increasing the concentration of stores from Zara and Miss Sixty to H & M and 20s Noa Noa, and like rare stars, small shops between them with fashionable clothes from unusual materials.

Also on our way we meet several large impressing by facade elegance and architecture department stores like Maison de Bonetterie with variety of shops and designer brands. Find the largest range of cosmetic in the Bijenkorf department store and try Dutch cheeses in Magna Plaza.

Walk a little bit more, to the canal Singel famous  for floating flower shops and feel the true flavor of the Netherlands.

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