Czech Republic
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The name of this town is more and more heard in the list of the most attractive cities for shopping as the prices in shops and services sector are often much lower than in other European countries, and quality the same.


Wenceslas Square, the heart of the city, is the place to start shopping. The great number of leading brands requires, perhaps, even fitness training.

Next, the street Pricop has a way out towards Republic Square with Benetton and H & M, Mango and Mexx.

The most affordable prices in the shops on Paris Street, near the Old Town Square.

Discount is expected in SLEVA stores.

A very nice bonus to know that there is a huge number of ATMs in Prague. However, keep an eye on the exchange rate as a bank fee can be up to 7% of the transaction amount. Most advantageous exchange offer Arab companies. Some shops in the city center take the Euro.

Stores open at 8 or 9 am till 6pm or 7pm, groceries open from 7 am. Sometimes large grocery stores are open to the public until 10pm. Sunday is a day off for most of the trading companies. Do not wait for shopping at Christmas or Easter as the doors will be closed.

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