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Immediately at the airport you will feel the true spirit of Nice with the "Kiss and fly" plaque at the free car park. Indeed, that what do tourists on the French coast.

Lightness and romantic spirit are in the air. Expensive convertibles scurry on the English Embankment La promenade des anglais, past and future playboys study carefully posh ladies in hats passing along the boulevards, and a sea breeze blows. Life in Nice like a real meringue is light and airy. Shopping gives residents and visitors enjoy no less fun.

Remove a makeup, put on a light dress and minimum of accessories to blend in and become an embodiment of a French femininity.

In the city, numerous small cafes in the Cours Saleya are so close to the shops that it becomes unclear where to eat and where to shop. In the shop with playful name "Syrup T"on on rue de la Poissonnerie hundreds of jars shimmer under the sun with the most incredible syrups of fruits, vegetables, and even a red onion. Clearly, each of them you can try before buying.

And if the sun beat down mercilessly and the wind blows light hat off your head every now and then, you can hide in a chic Galeries Lafayette - almost a copy of the Parisian department store. Shopping on the Cote dAzur is comfortable due to the small area with the main shops. It’s always enough parking spaces so you can safely travel around from one shopping center to another by car.

Enjoy joyful shopping in Nice all year round as there are legendary opera concerts and carnivals with incredible fireworks in winter and «Dance of tulips", "Spring of Poets" and "Park of Flowers" in the spring.

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