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It seems like Italy was designed for shopping. Being the birthplace of the most famous brand, it has, perhaps, the greatest number of clothes stores. But before forgetting everything and go shopping armed with a credit card in the city, considered as commercial from ancient Rome, remember a few important tips. First, always try on the clothes as Italian sizes are the smallest in the world. Secondly, never, buy fakes of well-known brands, as if you get caught with a purchase, you will have to pay a fine of up to 10,000 euros, and the benefits of such a purchase would not seem so obvious.

So, Padua is an ancient city with a rich history. Merchants and artisans had been ruling the ball here for centuries, so that the citys attractions are concentrated close to the shopping streets.

Before setting out to explore the range of many boutiques and shops, you should look at Sotto il Salon, the city market since 1200. Today you can find here local feasts or tricky craftworks. Range and the internal architecture of the market, have been changing along with customers' tastes and needs, but the spirit of the history is saved, because the market was never closed during all 800 years.

Going shopping focus on such streets as via del Santo, via Zabarella, via Altinate and Piazza degli Eremitani Square. Studying the local attractions, you will be able to pop into over 300 stores where you can buy everything from antiques and culinary delights to jewelry and fashion items.

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